It's always good to be loved. It seems our American-made showertime luxuries have been used and reviewed by some very impressive folks. Watch this space for more press sightings! 

"Light and modern for the sophisticated woman." Proudly featuring our ROAM candle. MORE.COM

"You might as well buy three of these, because you are going to love them." ROAM aloe soap trio getting it's 15 minutes of bro-fame. Men's Health 

"Pleasing to every one of your senses, it goes even further by ensuring the future of our forests. For every Sense product sold, William Roam will plant a tree." SENSE travel set. FORBES

"This set will looks great just sitting on her bathroom vanity." ROAM Hair & Body Gift Set proudly featured in the 37 Best Gift Guide for Wives. TODAY

"15 Scented Candles That'll Basically Solve All Your Life Problems" TotalBeauty loved our ROAM candle 'cause if - you're dying to put up your OOO, but there's not a beach (or an hour of spare vacation time) in sight. Well, at the very least you can pretend you're on vacation with the ROAM candle.

"Feel-good skincare that's giving back to the environment." SENSE collection featured in a piece from BUSTLE

"Class up your Dopp Kit with the William Roam STEAM Travel Set" Our pack-and-go STEAM travel set with it's "warm, cozy fragrance and more than enough items for a week in Europe" got it's moment from The Manual

"25 Best Mother's Day Gift From Son - Unique Gift Ideas" Our ROAM sets made it onto Good Housekeeping as gifting ideas for Mom that are cruelty-free, vegan, and gorgeous. 

"The best holiday beauty buys that will give you good-person juju." SENSE gift set was featured for our tree-planting partnership with American Forests. The Fashion Spot

"Some new products from William Roam we are super excited to try!" Hello Glow giving us our ROAM candle, FLOAT bath salts and SENSE shower gel some love. Hello Glow

"Best Clarifying Shampoo for Silky, Smooth Hair." ROAM shampoo made it onto Your Tango's shower-shelf. YourTango

"Best luxury candle for the holidays." ROAM candle, proudly on the Luxe Candles to Buy This Winter. Departures

"30 Hottest Things to Add to Your Amazon Wish List." Celebrating the season with the lush glow of our ROAM candle. Reader's Digest